Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stack Albertson's Monopoly Coupons with Manufacturers Coupons and SAVE!

If you have been playing the Monopoly game at Albertson's, then you probably have a bunch of the coupons that are inside the game piece cards you receive every time you shop there.
Did you know that these are considered in-store coupons and can be stacked with manufacturers coupons?  Here are a few sample matchups I had in my own collection (In some cases the mfg coupon will double or triple):
 $1.05 off Smuckers!
 $1.50 off Heinz Ketchup!
 Use 1 Monopoly coupon and get $1.50 off 2 boxes Fiber Plus Bars or
use 2 Monopoly coupons and get $2.00 off 2 boxes!
 $1.25 off Hershey's candy!
 $1.20 off Fiber Plus Cereal!
 $2.00 off Energizer batteries!
Use 1 Monopoly coupon and get $2.50 off 2 pkg Special K Bars or
Use 2 Monopoly coupons and get $3.00 off 2!


  1. I am new to can use 2 coupons for the same product (a manufacturer's and a store's)? I always thought they would only let you use one coupon per product. Do all stores let you do that or just some?

    I've really been enjoying your new site!

  2. As long as one is an in-store coupon and the other is a mfg coupon you can use both. A lot of stores issue in-store coupons such as Kroger, Target, Albertson's, and Walgreen's and they will allow you to stack.

    I am glad you are enjoying my new site!

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