About Me

Attending ISTE in Chicago June, 2019

About Me:  I am currently an Integration Technologist at STEAM Middle School in Texas. I got there by way of 2nd grade: After being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, I started working at an elementary school as a teacher's aid. While there, I finished my degree, became a certified teacher, and was hired as second grade teacher.

After a few years in the classroom I was ready to take it to the next level.  I wanted my classroom to reflect the changing world.  When I was in school, we did not have computers, smartboards, document cameras, or even whiteboards. Today’s students are digital learners and I realized that I needed to provide an environment using technology to create a more authentic and relevant learning experience. I began my journey into the techie world by using Twitter to build my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  This network helped me not only be a better teacher, but also a teacher who can reach today's students!

My first classroom was by no means state-of-the-art. I had a document camera, projector, and 4 desktop computers.  But I learned to utilize what I had and not complain about what I didn’t have. All of my students blogged on a weekly basis, participated in weekly Skype calls with other classrooms, and used apps and programs to enhance their learning. We also participated in several projects involving collaboration and connection with classrooms around the world.

Teaching 2nd grade and learning new things through my network of amazing educators from around the world has changed the way I teach and the way I look at the world. It also prepared me for the new challenges I face in my position at STEAM Middle School. At STEAM I not only teach computer science, but I also manage our print and digital library, makerspace, and social media. I am always seeking new ways to make learning both engaging and meaningful.

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, ideas, and products that are of interest to educators. All opinions are my own. 

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  • 2019 TCEA High Impact Teacher of the Year Finalist
  • 2018 Certified Raspberry Pi Educator
  • 2018 Teacher of the Year - Burleson ISD, STEAM Middle School
  • 2015-16 Support Person of the Year - Burleson ISD, STEAM Middle School
  • 2015 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator
  • 2015 ISTE Innovation in Global Collaboration Award - runner up
  • 2015 ESC Region 11 IT Rockstar Award
  • 2014 Recipient of the 2014 TCEA Jeri Hodges Leadership Scholarship
  • 2013 Teacher of the Year  - Crowley ISD, Sycamore Elementary
  • November 2012 Crowley ISD Heartbeat Award Winner “Outstanding District Employee”
  • TCEA 2013/2014 Tots and Technology Conference Presenter
  • ISTE 2018 Poster Session Presenter "100 Word Challenge"
  • ISTE 2018 Poster Session Present "Teachers Connecting Beyond Borders"
  • ISTE 2017 Poster Session Presenter "First Lego League"
  • ISTE 2015 Poster Session Presenter "Mystery Skype"
  • ISTE 2015 Poster Session Presenter "The Global Classroom Project"
  • ISTE 2014 Ignite Session Presenter - Global Education Summit
  • ISTE 2014 Poster Session Presenter “The Global Classroom Project”
  • ISTE 2014 Session Presenter “Skype in the Classroom”
  • ISTE 2013 Session leader - Global Education Summit

Photo: Spencer Selvidge