Thursday, February 14, 2013

MLK- Painting and Listening

In honor of Black History Month, we spent some time painting portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. The students don't get to paint very much because we do not have art at the elementary level in our district, so this was a special treat. While they painted, we listened to songs and audio recordings:
  • Shed a Little Light - James Taylor Live 1993
  • We Shall Overcome - Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.
  • We Shall Overcome - Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr,
  • I Have a Dream  - Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.
This point that I like to stress to my kids during Black History Month, is that Martin Luther King would be so happy to walk in our school and see that his dream did come true!

The portraits will be hung in the hall where we have our Black History Month display.

Photo credit: Ginny Limer