Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coupon Sleeve Pages for Binders

Looking for coupon sleeves?  This is where I got mine!:

I like these because they hold large coupons and printable coupons.  I also have the pages with 9 pockets for the smaller coupons.  Need more info on organizing your coupons?  Click on my "Get Organized!" page.

My friend, Cheri the Super Shopper, has an awesome binder.  She gave me a few different kinds of pages:  Some hold 3 long coupons (like store Catalinas and those really long, obnoxious coupons).  Some hold 4 big square coupons (like the big pull out ones from magazines or the kind you get in the mail). She found hers on E-Bay.  She is so organized!

This binder of Cheri's is just for her Health and Beauty products! She has a separate binder for  food!
She is my epic hero!

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  2. Thanks for this post, we {teen daughter & I} haven't enjoyed the baseball card holders for the very reason that holding the printables is too difficult to read later!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  3. Stopping by for Follow Me Friday! :-) Love your post. I didn't know you could get these at Amazon!

  4. Wow! thanks, but you must have me mixed up with someone else!!! I had a blast the other afternoon - although I'm sure I talked too much!

    Here's where I got all the different sizes of pockets - I just emailed him, told him what I wanted, and he shot me a price. I found him cheapest, myself - and really nice. That way, you really save alot on shipping, and can get exactly what you're wanting. Personally, I'd get fewer of the 3-pkt horizontal and 4-pkt "square" and go more with the "currency" pages with 4 horizontal pockets - they are some of my favs along with the 6-pocket you're showing.

    This is where you can order the pdf for the pocket inserts
    They REALLY help in being able to put coupons on both sides. Plus, she lives in Arlington!

    You know I'm more than happy to help any way I can! Love you!

  5. You're the best Cheri! What time is it anyway? LOL!

  6. That is a huge binder...and only health and beauty? Wow!
    Another place to get the coupon sleeves is There are 9-pkt, 8-pkt, 6-pkt, 4-pkt, 3-pkt, and 1-pkt sleeves available.