Monday, May 30, 2011

A Beautiful Day at the Dallas Farmer's Market!

On Sunday, we took a little trip over to Dallas to enjoy the Farmer's Market.  While there, we sampled and purchased lots of FRESH, locally grown produce. Although it wasn't a frugal trip, it was well worth the money spent knowing that we are supporting local farmers.
You have many choices at the Dallas Farmers Market. You can support local farmers, who bring their in-season, super-fresh vegetables and fruit to Shed 1 for sale every day, or you can opt for fresh produce brought in from all over the country. You can buy prepared foods or the ingredients to cook them. You can take classes to learn more about nutritional, healthy food, or you can schedule a special event for your organization or company.
Gorgeous peppers!
The mangoes and tomatoes were delicious!
Fresh Black-eyed peas remind me of my husband's grandmother "BawBaw" - she would buy them fresh in the summer and them freeze them to use all year.
This is our "haul" - fresh beets, mangoes, tomatoes, jicama, black-eyed peas, raspberries, peppers, pears, cabbage, cilantro, limes, garlic, onions, peaches, and corn.  We're gonna have fun cooking this week!

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