Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Make a Texas Flag Folder

We made this cute folder to hold all of the products from our Texas unit.

Materials needed:
12 x 18 construction paper: Blue and White
4 1/2 x 12 construction paper: red
1 white star cutout
glue and stapler

1. Glue the red piece to the RIGHT side of the white paper and fold in half on the vertical line of symmetry
2.  Fold the blue paper in half on the horizontal line of symmetry AND on the vertical line of symmetry

3.  Place the white/red paper inside the folded blue paper

4.  Fold in half like a  folder and glue star onto blue field.
5.  Staple blue edges together to make a 4 pocket flag folder! (staples not pictured)

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  1. Amazing!! I taught 3 years in Texas! I would have ♥loved this! Thanks for a great idea to make inexpensive folders!!!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!