Sunday, July 10, 2011

My trip to Staples

I went to Staples today and took advantage of some of their "Extreme Deals".
The Bic Pens, Glue, and cap erasers were $0.01 each!  Items are limited to 2 per person UNLESS you are a teacher!  Teachers can buy up to 25 of these items.

The folders, pencil cases, and reams of paper were $0.25 each (limit 2)

The Post-it notes, glue sticks, Sharpies, and stickies were $1.00 each (limit 2)

Final Cost:
-11.48 (Easy Rebates for paper - limit 2)

Some of the other office supply stores are having $0.01 sales also - check the fliers in the Sunday paper. I generally shop at Staples because:
  • I earn $2.00 for each recycled printer cartridge
  • They offer good rebates
  • It's conveniently located
  • They have good customer service
  • I believe in customer loyalty

Happy Shopping!


  1. A colleague of mine was talking about this on FB. She said that the pencil cap erasers come in packages of 12, so you can really get a lot of pencil cap erasers (if you want to get 25 of them)! Also, if for some reason you want to buy more than the limited amount of any of these supplies, you could go to different Staples. (Of course, that is if there is more than one in your area).

  2. I "sell" cap erasers to my kids when they need one. They use "Superstar Bucks" that they have earned. Check them out:

  3. I like your idea about 'selling' items using rewards students have earned! Great way to start teaching some money sense! Great shopping trip by the way...