Sunday, July 10, 2011

My trip to Staples

I went to Staples today and took advantage of some of their "Extreme Deals".
The Bic Pens, Glue, and cap erasers were $0.01 each!  Items are limited to 2 per person UNLESS you are a teacher!  Teachers can buy up to 25 of these items.

The folders, pencil cases, and reams of paper were $0.25 each (limit 2)

The Post-it notes, glue sticks, Sharpies, and stickies were $1.00 each (limit 2)

Final Cost:
-11.48 (Easy Rebates for paper - limit 2)

Some of the other office supply stores are having $0.01 sales also - check the fliers in the Sunday paper. I generally shop at Staples because:
  • I earn $2.00 for each recycled printer cartridge
  • They offer good rebates
  • It's conveniently located
  • They have good customer service
  • I believe in customer loyalty

Happy Shopping!