Saturday, July 30, 2011

About One - Family Management at your Fingertips!

I am not the best at keeping track of family pictures, scrapbooking, or recording family memories.  For a while I had a personal blog where I would post pictures and write about family events and milestones, but there really wasn't a way to organize it. I am sure that just like me, many of you tech-savvy folks out there would rather have an online family management system that is easy to use and offers an organized and fun way to record family information and events. 

About One has come up with a great solution! Now you can enter information about your family as it happens! You won't forget a single special event or moment using this online system. It's really easy to set up. Here is a quick video overview:

The "Education" feature interests me because I have 3 teenagers who will be applying for college over the next several years. This section helps record school info, teachers, counselors, GPA's, and SAT/ACT test scores so when it comes time for filling out college applications, the information will be right at your fingertips! You can add documents, pictures, and record important events when they happen - no more racking your brain trying to remember when your daughter went to her first's right there!
I love this program and cannot wait to spend time exploring it and adding more info.  I believe this is something I will definitely use on a daily basis.  Other features include a family bulletin board, newsletter, medical information, and a place to document important possessions. If you have a busy family or just want to have your life at your fingertips, you really need to check About One out and take advantage of their FREE 30 day trial offer!
*All opinions are my own - A FREE year's subscription was received as compensation for this post.

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