Sunday, June 23, 2013

My First Day at #ISTE13

My first day at #ISTE13 was both overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. So many familiar faces from around the world with whom I have conversed with via Twitter, Skype IM, and other social networks came to life today. It was so fun meeting everyone face to face!

The highlight of the day was the Global Education Conference Summit where breakout groups worked together to plan and discuss global collaboration. The Global Classroom Project was well represented with several participants including: Karen Lirenman, Anne Mirtschin, Melvina Kurashige, and Paula Naugle.
Louise Morgan, Karen Lirenman, Paula Naugle, Melvina Kurashige

Louise Morgan, Karen Lirenman, Anne Mirtschin, Preston Morgan
The plan for the session was to include some virtual participants via Google Hangouts, but the room was so loud - but it was a good loud with so much conversation going on about global collaboration. The discussion was rich and engaging. 

My take away from this session: Now that we all know how to connect and use the tools, how can we take it to the next level and make it more meaningful, ongoing, and part of our everyday classroom activities? The educators in this session are not interested in making one-time Skype connections. The consensus is that they want real, ongoing, and authentic collaboration between classrooms.  

The goal for this session was to brainstorm project ideas for the upcoming 2013-14 school year, but it was so fast and furious that we did not really get to that. If you would like to submit ideas for the Global Classroom Project please fill out this FORM.  You can also learn more about the Global Classroom Project by referring to this GOOGLE DOC that has a lot of great links and a place for you to ask questions or make comments.

I am looking forward to the next three days of learning and sharing. Follow my tweets on Twitter @mrsmorgansclass. You can also folllow the ISTE twitter feed by searching #ISTE13. 

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