Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#ISTE13 Reflection and a New Goal

Learning from and collaborating with like-minded educators: Karen Lirenman, Melvina Kurashige, and Paula Naugle
I have read some great reflection posts this week as I have been, as Paula Naugle calls it, "decompressing" from #ISTE13. What I have discovered is that so many of the educators who I encountered at ISTE were there for the same reasons: To follow their passion, to connect with like-minded educators, and to learn new things that they can use in their classroom to create learning environments that spark curiosity and imagination.

The overriding theme that I kept encountering was, while all of the technology and tools are important, the relationships we have with our students and finding ways to inspire and engage them are far more important than the technology itself. Many of us are in school districts with limited resources or where we are the "lone wolf'" on campus, but we are still able to connect globally and engage our students in new and innovative ways. Our hope is that our actions will inspire our colleagues to get on board.

For the past two years I have called my classroom a "global classroom" because of the connections we have made through blogging, Edmodo, Skype, and Twitter. My students have global awareness because they have communicated with students around the world.

My goal for this next year is to not only make connections, but to take it to the next level by teaching my students how collaborate and create with other students. I want them to be able to create, solve problems, innovate, and find their passion!

How will I do this? I am comfortable with the tools, now I have to change with way I teach by giving up some control and allowing for some messiness. My students will take the lead and I will challenge them find their passion.

It won't be easy...I like structure. I like calm and quiet. But I also like creativity and that can't always happen in a calm and structured environment. I will have to find time each week for this to happen.

There! I've put it in writing. Now I can't turn back!  In order to meet this goal, I will be actively learning from other educators this summer by staying connected through Twitter and other online professional communities.  

What goals have set for the summer and upcoming school year?

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