Monday, March 19, 2012

Skyping with an Astronaut!

I didn't really plan anything exciting for our first day back after spring break, but I was pleasantly surprised when an "all call" came up on my Skype Instant Message Board looking for classrooms who were available to Skype with former astronaut Dr. Donald Thomas. I immediately responded but didn't hear back right away.  As were about to line up for recess, in came the call! He only had a short amount of time, but my students came through with some amazing questions. It was so wonderful to see how engaged and curious the students were. A big thank you to Steve Sherman at Living Maths and Dr. Donald Thomas. You made an ordinary Monday EXTRA-ordinary!
This student asked if he helped fix things in space. Dr. Thomas explained that like a car, the space shuttle is always in need of repair and upkeep.
This student asked what it was like on the moon. Dr. Thomas explained that he had never been to the moon., but he orbited earth many, many times doing experiments and research on microgravity.
This student asked what it was like to be in a 0 gravity environment. Dr. Thomas explained that  in  the space shuttle things just hang in the air where you leave them. He said you could never lose your homework in space:-)
This students asked if he went to astronaut school. Dr. Thomas explained that after graduating from college and graduate school, he was selected by NASA to become an astronaut to work on space shuttle missions.