Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daily 5 creates confident, independent learners!

I recently started having my students sign up to read for the class. Each day a student gets to pick a "good fit" book and read to the rest of the class.

This has been really wonderful for my reluctant readers. Because they are so comfortable with their classmates and confident in their ability, every student has willingly signed up. I truly believe that implementing the Daily 5 this year has allowed my students to take risks and push themselves further than a traditional guided reading program would have allowed. The Daily 5 gives students choices and creates independent learners. 

Our Daily 5 includes Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, and Word Work. 

Using blogging for Work on Writing has also brought out the best in my students. They are no longer just writing for me with my red pen. They know that their friends, family, other teachers, principals, and classrooms around the world are reading their posts and commenting. They have raised their own bar and the results have been amazing.

At first I was reluctant to do Read to Someone because I was afraid the students would not stay focused and it would get too loud. But I discovered that because the students are so accustomed to the Daily 5 routine, that they were easily able to adapt these to the Read to Someone component. I usually allow up to 3 pairs at a time. They really enjoy this and I am glad I waited until the other components were in place before starting Read to Someone.