Friday, March 2, 2012

Guest Blogger Kendal: Skype!

The following is a blog post one of my 2nd grade students put on our class blog about Skype:

In class we are doing skype.Skype is when you go on the computer and you talk to people aound the wold.It is so fun.Yesdirday we skyped with Mr.S he is a math teacher.I will tall you one of the math qustin he did to us:Ok,the sone and the father whent on a hunting trip.They found a bear the sone got skrached and the father died.The sone went to the hspital.The docter said I can"t operat on this boy he is my sone.Who is the docter?The anserw is the mom was the docter. Kendal - 2nd grade

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