Sunday, November 6, 2011

The POWER of Pinterest and a Useful Writing Process Tool

A funny thing happened today. I was looking around my "stats" page just to see where most of my blog traffic is coming from.  I was NOT surprised to see that the majority of my traffic is coming from Pinterest! Over the past few months a lot of teachers have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. It's a great place to share and keep a visual record of all the great ideas out there!  One of the sources listed on the stats page was a blog I have never visited: In No Simple Language. There was a post about Pinterest and all of the cool things this blogger has discovered there. One of the "cool" things was this:
This was one of my first "pins" on Pinterest. It has been really useful this year because I have incorporated blogging into our classroom writing process. I have kids at all stages of the writing process so this is really helpful for us to see where everyone is. When they get to "publish", this tool helps me manage the 3 computer stations we have the room.  You gotta love the POWER of Pinterest!


  1. I love my new writing process pencil!! And the power of Pinterest is just wonderful! I love that I have used it for so many classroom resources. It's amazing :)

    Happy to have found your blog...I'll definitely keep reading!

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