Thursday, November 24, 2011

Don't Miss this Great Deal on Heelys!

I LOVE my Heelys! I wear them every Friday to school (without the wheels), but at home I love to "heel" around the house.  Here is a great deal that starts Friday November 25th and lasts until Monday November 28th:

  • Buy any pair of Heelys or HX2s & get second pair for $25 
  • buy a Nano and get any pair of shoes for $25
  • free ground shipping on all orders.

The Frugal Teacher LOVES  the old school look of the "Edge".
Heelys HX2s have a second wheel!

Nano by Heelys - what kid wouldn't want this?
The Four-Day Deal is only available online at the Heelys Shop ( and is only valid from Friday November 25 through Monday November 28, 2011. 
This offer is for US customers only.

Log on to for products, videos and how to guides. Follow Heelys on Facebook -, Twitter - and YouTube -
*All opinions are my own. No compensation received for this post. 


  1. Wow! I love a woman with her own wheels!

  2. A story- It was my friend's son's birthday and we all went bowling. 11 kids, aged 6 to 11. One of them was wearing heelys. When we walked back he decided that he would try and use them on the escalators! I had to catch him before he went flying - now I hate heelys! Sorry to be 'bar humbug'. lol Don't let me put anyone off buying them. lol :)

  3. Yes, I could see that using Heelys on an escalator would be a poor choice. Parents need to monitor their children and limit their use in public places. Visit to view their how-to videos and safety precautions.