Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Global Classroom Project Map

I just created this Global Classroom Project map on the wall outside our room. We are hoping to add more schools from other countries soon! 

Hoping to add a lot more stars!

So far we have one international contact - A cupcake greeting  from Mrs. Harrison's class in Belfast, Northern Ireland!  

Our contacts in the U.S. include students sharing on Edmodo in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.  We are also working on a seasons project with a school on Long Island, NY and a Voice Thread project with a school in Ohio!  


  1. I love your map showing the locations of who you are connecting with! I will be putting something similiar up in my class too!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Here is a link to a Voicethread that we made to introduce ourselves to new friends around the world.

  3. So nice to see you are enjoying the #GlobalClassroom! I really love that you are sharing with your school, on your blog and on twitter! I made a similar display last year, but it hung in my room. This year it's going inthe HALL like yours!

  4. I love your hall display - I'll be borrowing that idea too!! My students are so excited to connect with other classes. (I hope we can connect with yours soon!)

  5. Okay - so I'll be jumping on the Hallway display band wagon. What a wonderful way to create enthusiasm and curiosity! I love that you stated the classroom names and the technology used to engage with them (ie voicethread - my personal favorite).

    Thanks for sharing!