Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wonderopolis: A New Find!

Last night during #2ndchat, several of the participants suggested Wonderopolis for students. This morning I checked it out and thought it would be a great widget to add to our class blog. I like it because it focuses on one "wonder" a day, but the students can also click on the back arrow to look at previous "wonders". Wonderopolis is also a great site to suggest to parents so they can share learning experiences with their children at home. They also have a mobile app!

Learning is happening everywhere, all the time! We have bottled a little bit of that learning in each Wonder of the Day®. Experience a daily dose of time with your child to make the most of each and every moment together — learn something new, try out an idea, create a masterpiece, imagine possibilities. It’s easy. It’s fun. But the learning is big!

One of the #2ndchat participants, Barbara @WonderPhillips, is a lead Ambassador for NCFL's Wonder Year Adventure 2012 and has an entire blog devoted to "Wonders of the Day" called Wondering Through 2012.

I can't wait to try this out with my students. There are so many learning possibilities with this. I really love the idea of having Wonder Journals where students record their thinking about the Wonder of the Day.

The Wonderopolis widget can be embedded on your class blog. To get the code click HERE.

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  1. A wonderful and educational find! THANKS for sharing! I'm definitely passing this on! Stop by my Blog anytime!