Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Summer Goals: Update

At the beginning of my summer vacation I set some goals. Now that we are 6 weeks away from the start of school, I thought I would take a look and see how I'm doing:

My Summer of 2012 Goals!
  • Clean the garage:  My sister-in-law just retired after 20 years of teaching and I have inherited a lot of her classroom items - which have been dumped in my garage that was already in disarray. I am very excited to go through and see what goodies she has left me! Unfortunately in Texas, it's difficult to work in the garage when it's 90 degrees at 8:00 in the morning so it may take a while to get through everything.  *UPDATE* The garage is clean! We dragged everything out, swept, sorted, and rearranged. We also had a garage sale and made a few extra dollars!
  • Learn, Learn, Learn! Last summer I discovered a world of educators on Twitter and through blogging. This summer I plan to get some new ideas and learn even more. *UPDATE* Participating in weekly Twitter chats like #2ndchat and #teachchat keeps me conntected with teachers around the world. I also make it a point to visit at least 2 blogs a day. I also visit Pinterest to collect new ideas.
  • Plan for 2012-13: I am already thinking of ways to make what I did last year better: Skyping with a purpose, making the most of student blogging, and fine-tuning the Daily5/Cafe routine are a few things that I will be working on. *UPDATE* My planning is more in my head right now. Now that the beginning of school is getting closer, I will put more thought and effort into it.
  • Relax, be healthy, and have fun! I am also going to limit my time on the computer this summer and make time for healthy and fun activities. It's very easy to get stuck on the couch with the laptop and not realize how much time has passed. *UPDATE* ON the couch with the laptop a little more than I wanted, but still accomplishing a lot around the house and getting lots of relaxing down-time so I will feel recharged when school starts.

Garage: BEFORE
Garage: DURING Garage Sale

Garage: AFTER! 

SO organized!
What were your summer goals?
 Have you accomplished anything? 
Have you taken time to relax and recharge?