Friday, June 15, 2012

Instant Grammar Check with Grammarly

I recently received a comment from "anonymous" about the slogan in this picture:
Cute ideas here. I'm always looking for ways to enlighten my middle school library. As an English teacher-turned-librarian, could I please ask that you punctuate your quote above the chalkboard correctly? I am the best; therefore, I should act the best. As it appears, it's a run-on sentence. Thanks. 
I was mortified! How could I have this posted in my classroom for two years and not have noticed the incorrect punctuation? This is our class slogan. Every morning we launch our day enthusiastically using hand and body motions! Ugh!!!

Coincidentally, I had just been asked to do a product review for Grammarly Grammar Checker. I simply typed the sentence into the blank document on Grammarly and selected "start review". Within seconds, I had the information I needed: Add a semicolon before "therefore"! Duh! (I added the duh). Grammarly also suggested that I change some if the wording, but that would change the meaning and origin of this slogan. The idea behind these words is to encourage students to tell themselves and everyone else that they are the best. The second part is extremely important because we frequently talk about the choices that we make in our everyday lives. We start our day proclaiming that we will choose to act our best. The slogan originated from Charles and Nafeesha Johnson of Edusoul. While it is not grammatically perfect, it is the perfect way to start our day!
Grammarly Grammar Checker Product Review
Grammarly is not only an instant grammar checker, but it also checks spelling, writing style, and originality. Simply paste your test in to the blank page and select "start review". Grammarly will provide a detailed report giving suggestions and examples for correct usage of grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing style, and much more.

This site will be extremely helpful for my high school-age children when they are unsure of correct punctuation and grammar usage. The Grammarly grammar checker is a comprehensive grammar editing tool that checks your text for the proper use of more than 150 common and advanced grammar rules, including everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. When checking grammar using Grammarly, all of the grammatical errors are categorized, clearly displayed, and organized for your review and revision. The plagiarism checker is another notable feature. If text from another source is detected, Grammarly demonstrates how to properly reference material from other sources.

Grammarly will also help with my blog posts. I tend to be informal in my writing and am guilty of using dashes and ... instead of correct punctuation. I like to think of it as my unique writing style, but actually it is a bit of laziness on my part. I have installed the Grammarly button on my side bar so I will no longer have incorrect grammar on my blog posts!

*This is a sponsored post.


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  2. I'm putting the website on my resource list. This will really help. I loved the life- cycle of the snowman also. I'm going to use it in class this year. I'm your newest follower. Please visit me at Calling Plays in the 2nd Grade.

  3. I love your blog! I gave you the One Lovely Blog Award. I actually gave it to you last week. I have been super busy and forgot to let you know earlier. So sorry.


  4. I love your class slogan! I tell my kids all the time they are the best! I am going to borrow this! I'd love to know what your motions are!