Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Symmetry Butterflies!

Today we had our last visit from Mrs. Brenda Glass, my good friend who likes to do art projects with my class. I really appreciate her visits because our district does not provide art on the elementary level so it is sometimes hard to work it in on a regular basis.  My kids are thrilled when they know she is coming because they get to use materials that we don't regularly use like paint and pastels.

Today's project incorporated learning about symmetry by painting butterflies. Brenda used a powerpoint to explain a little about symmetry and then the steps for doing the project. The powerpoint really helped the students understand what they are doing before we get started.

First, the students drew the body and the wings in pencil and then went over it with black tempera paint.

Next, they painted the wings using one color at a time (yellow, red, and orange) .

Then they traced all of the different colors with black

Finally, they added white dots around the edges using a pencil eraser dipped in white.


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  2. Wow! Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately our fire marshall does not allow us to hang things from the ceiling anymore:-(