Sunday, May 27, 2012

Books for the Last Week of School

I am excited about my new collection of books for the last week of school. What will you be reading to your kids?

Gilbert is worried that he won't get an end of year award, but is surprised at the end when he receives the "Good Friend" award.

Companion to the "First Day Jitters". The students worry that Mrs. Hartwell will miss them over the summer.

Companion to "First Day Hooray!" captures the excitement of the last day of school.

A play on "The Night Before Christmas" as a family prepares for summer vacation.

I love this book - it reminds me to be grateful for what we have.

Makes me cry but I read it anyway.


  1. I always read Leo the Late Bloomer, about a tiger cub who can't do any of the things the other animals can do. His father is worried but his mother cautions, just give him time. When we are finished, we talk about all the ways they have grown and 'bloomed'. I also read What You Know First, the story of a little girl who is moving to a new place, but doesn't want to go. In the end she decides to move on, but takes some things she loves with her to remember what she knew first. Some things she can only carry in her mind "I cannot take the sky." Then I talk to them about how I hope they carry many things with them to 2nd grade and the parts of them that I will keep with me--because they are part of what I have known and loved.