Monday, June 27, 2011

Vegan Blueberry Pie via Paula Deen

Paula Deen's VEGAN Blueberry Pie
Click HERE for recipe
I dragged my kids to Kroger today with my very specific shopping list and coupons all organized in an envelope.  I told them to go look at magazines while I got the things on the list. I was thinking that if they tagged along with me a few "extras" might get thrown in the cart and mess up my well-planned shopping trip.  Suddenly, my 17 year old runs up with Paula Deen's latest magazine opened up to a glorious-looking blueberry pie (we're suckers for blueberry pie at our house).  Surprisingly, there was no butter in the recipe, but it did call for sour cream. My daughter is a vegan, but she wanted to try the recipe using Tofutti Milk-Free Sour Cream.  Who am I to stop my daughter from making one of my favorite desserts?  So she set about gathering up the ingredients...and messing up my 75% savings plan...but all was forgiven after I took my first was so light and refreshing - not too heavy or sweet...just good! For the recipe click HERE!