Monday, June 27, 2011

Vegan Blueberry Pie via Paula Deen

Paula Deen's VEGAN Blueberry Pie
Click HERE for recipe
I dragged my kids to Kroger today with my very specific shopping list and coupons all organized in an envelope.  I told them to go look at magazines while I got the things on the list. I was thinking that if they tagged along with me a few "extras" might get thrown in the cart and mess up my well-planned shopping trip.  Suddenly, my 17 year old runs up with Paula Deen's latest magazine opened up to a glorious-looking blueberry pie (we're suckers for blueberry pie at our house).  Surprisingly, there was no butter in the recipe, but it did call for sour cream. My daughter is a vegan, but she wanted to try the recipe using Tofutti Milk-Free Sour Cream.  Who am I to stop my daughter from making one of my favorite desserts?  So she set about gathering up the ingredients...and messing up my 75% savings plan...but all was forgiven after I took my first was so light and refreshing - not too heavy or sweet...just good! For the recipe click HERE!


  1. Woman- Forget the envelopes. I was doing that for months. Mixing up the envelopes and coupons. Shuffling coupons, dropping them and losing them. You NEED The Couponizer. Not that I'm shamelessly peddling products or anything ;-)
    I just got mine and it is AWESOME! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is a little over $20 with shipping, but the pockets and cover are laminated. I did not lose any coupons on my last shopping trip. This book is discrete and doesn't look like a big, honkin' binder (no offense to those binder fans intended)!

    Check it out!

  2. Ha! Sarah you're funny! Yes the Couponizer would be an awesome way to organize my coupons. Unfortunately, I have committed to the honkin' binder for now because I am such a visual person that I need to have the coupons right there in my face! Oh, and shamelessly peddling products is kind of what we do isn't it? So...Frugal Teacher fans if you want to buy the Couponizer please use Sarah's link: