Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chromville - Augmented Reality in the Classroom

During a recent Twitter chat, I learned about a new augmented reality app called Chromville. A group of very creative people in Spain have come up with an imaginary world that you can bring to life using this FREE iOS and Android app!  
My students enjoyed visiting the website,, to print the coloring sheets and read about the history of the villages. They selected their favorite character to color and experience in 3D. We are now diligently working on stories to go with our characters. This has been a perfect opportunity to work on the writing process by brainstorming ideas and getting creative! 
2014-03-25 09.07.38
The app brings the coloring sheet to life. The animated characters and scenery are inspiring!
2014-03-25 09.08.24

2014-03-25 09.08.08

2014-03-25 09.14.58
The characters and scenery become animated right on the students' desks!
As an added bonus, the students were able to Skype with the Chromville creators all the way from Spain! We were able to ask questions and learn more about the magical world and how it was created! We learned that artists and programmers must work together to create the 3D animation, come up with the stories, and make the app. Some of the students also shared their ideas for the stories they are working on.

2014-04-02 08.18.00

2014-04-02 08.25.11

2014-04-02 08.16.30

2014-04-02 08.23.54
We were also treated to a demonstration of another one of their projects: Imascono - Augmented Reality Apparel. The t-shirt image triggers different heads. This one is a power ranger, but we also saw a chameleon and a gorilla!

chromville selfie

This good-looking group of geniuses are the creative energy behind Chromville. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us! 

Chromville Home:
Chromville Instructions:
Download coloring pages:

Imascono Home:
Imascono video:

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