Saturday, January 26, 2013

HearAll Assessment Recorder Giveaway

Congratulations Regan!
I have been using the Easi-Speak USB Recorder to work on fluency and prosody in my classroom and I love the instant feedback it provides. Another great tool from from Learning Resources is the HearAll Assessment Recorder. This handy little device works great with groups and allows me to go back and listen to the recordings and plan what I will work on the next time I meet with the group. I also like that it can hold up to 4 hours of recordings! Some other features of this product include:

  • There are many different uses for individual or small group activities
  • You can download the recordings to a computer 
  • You can listen to and analyze the recordings after class for a more thorough assessment
  • You can share the files with parents and interventionalists
  • You can save several recordings over time to review or compare later
  • The recordings allow you to plan interventions
  • No batteries required! 

Would you like one of these for your classroom? 
Enter now for giveaway!
Winner will be announced on Sunday February 2nd.  
It's easy, just fill out the Rafflecopter form!

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