Friday, November 16, 2012

Magnet Stations!

Today we spent some time in the science lab exploring magnets by making predictions, testing, and playing with magnets! We used ring, horseshoe, and several bar magnets of different strengths.

I love this science unit because magnets are so fun and engaging. The students were especially fascinated by the compasses and how they changed direction depending on where they put the magnet.  

I haven't used our science books for the past few years since our district adopted C-Scope. The exemplary lessons and resources are such and improvement over our 10 year old textbooks! There is nothing better than hands-on learning!

Station 1: Predict how many paper clips a magnet will pick up. Test the actual amount of paper clips a magnet will pick up.

Station 2:  Predict which items will or will not attract a magnet. Test which items will or will not attract a magnet.

Station 3:  Experience "Attract" and "Repel" by placing same and opposite poles together on different types of magnets. It was fun to watch the ring magnets dance!

Station 4:  Guide a paper clip through a maze using a magnet under the table. Only the strongest magnets worked for this one.

Station 5:  Explore magnets using manipulatives:  Soda bottle filled with cut-up pipe cleaners, a sealed plastic container filled with sand and iron filings, and compasses.