Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Seed Project 2012

My class participated in The Pumpkin Seed Project 2012.  This is the second Projects by Jen we have been involved in. We did the Oreo Project last month. These projects are fun because they require a lot of hands-on activity and the teacher can create lessons around the project to fit the curriculum and the needs of the students.

The O.R.E.O. Project – which stands for Our Really Exciting Online Project – is hosted by Jen Wagner, a teacher in Southern California. This will be her 14th year of hosting this project. Since 1999, students from every state in the US, almost every Canadian province, and several other countries have participated in this project and submitted their results online to share with each other.

Following a set of rules, each student has 2 chances to stack as many Oreos as they can. After every participant recorded their stack counts, we took everyone’s highest count and averaged them together for ONE CLASS AVERAGE. We submitted this class average and became part of a word-wide average

Besides stacking Oreos, we timed how long it took to lick the cream center out of the middle of the Oreo. Our fastest time was 1 minute 11 seconds. After making a class graph, the students created word problems about graph. We also used our communication skills by sharing the experience with another class via Skype.  

The Pumpkin Seed Project uses estimating, skip counting, sensory, fine motor, and critical thinking skills. The students estimated how many seeds are in a 5 pound pumpkin. After estimating the number of seeds, they dug out all of the seeds and counted them.  We used a sheet of paper with circles drawn on them. They placed ten seeds in each circle, which made it easy to count the seeds by 10's.  We made a class graph and then created questions and statements about the graph. We also used descriptive writing to describe how the inside of the pumpkin felt.

We submitted our results to Jen and became part of a country-wide pumpkin seed count!

Pumpkin Seed Project 2012 on PhotoPeach

For more information and a list of projects for 2012-13 please visit Projects by Jen

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