Monday, April 30, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Presentation Friday May 4th!

We're going LIVE! 
After much preparation the time is almost near for our Cinco de Mayo presentation! Due to the high interest in our project, we will be presenting LIVE on UStream Friday May 4th at 9:30am CST. Don't worry if this time doesn't work for you, it will be recorded so your class can watch it at a time that is convenient. I have created a Google Document where your class can leave feedback and ask questions. 

We look forward to your participation!


  1. Do we just go to the link to the UStream and it will be there at 9:30. I have never done this before. Want to make sure I don't have to download anything or sign up for an account.

  2. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I am just getting around to moderating my comments. You do not need an account to watch on UStream. If you missed the live session, you can watch the recording. Please leave feedback on the GoogleDoc