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The Original Seat Sack Review

When I first set up my classroom a few years ago, I was looking for an inexpensive way for my students to store their whiteboard and markers. I discovered that jumbo stretchy book covers fit nicely on the back of the chairs and the whiteboard slid perfectly into the pocket. This was a great way to keep the whiteboards at their desks without getting chipped and scratched.

However, I soon discovered that this was all the book covers could really hold. If the students added books, workbooks, or folders the book cover would stretch and the pocket would flip over, causing all of the contents to fall on the floor.
Adding books and other items caused the book covers to stretch.  With added items, the book covers drag on the floor and the pockets flip, causing all of the contents to fall out.   

The stretched out pocket would sometimes cause the chair to become top heavy and tip it over. The added stress on the stretchy fabric also caused it to tear.
I decided it was time to look for something sturdier that would hold more items - particularly the books my students read every day for "Read to Self" during The Daily 5. Fortunately, one of my readers contacted me and told me about The Original Seat Sack. These sacks are made of durable denim and have a nice deep pocket that will not stretch, flip, or cause the chair to become too top heavy.
Now my students can store books, workbooks, and folders in the seat  sacks!

The blue denim fabric will match just about any classroom decor

No stretching, dragging, tipping, or tearing!
The Original Seat Sacks are designed and hand made by a 4th grade teacher who was looking for a storage solution. To learn more about this product please visit The Original Seat Sack Facebook page.

Grammarly Grammar Checker Review

Grammarly Grammar Checker Product Review
Grammarly is not only an instant grammar checker, but it also checks spelling, writing style, and originality. Simply paste your test in to the blank page and select "start review". Grammarly will provide a detailed report giving suggestions and examples for correct usage of grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing style, and much more.

This site will be extremely helpful for my high school-age children when they are unsure of correct punctuation and grammar usage. The Grammarly grammar checker is a comprehensive grammar editing tool that checks your text for the proper use of more than 150 common and advanced grammar rules, including everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. When checking grammar using Grammarly, all of the grammatical errors are categorized, clearly displayed, and organized for your review and revision. The plagiarism checker is another notable feature. If text from another source is detected, Grammarly demonstrates how to properly reference material from other sources.

Grammarly will also help with my blog posts. I tend to be informal in my writing and am guilty of using dashes and ... instead of correct punctuation. I like to think of it as my unique writing style, but actually it is a bit of laziness on my part. I have installed the Grammarly button on my side bar so I will no longer have incorrect grammar on my blog posts! Review

Does your refrigerator look like this?

Or this....?
The impact of fridge magnets is widespread throughout the world. More than 80% of all households in developed nations have magnets on their fridge, for both utility and purely decorative purposes. A refrigerator magnet's lifespan is typically between 5–10 years. The number of times a refrigerator door is viewed in an average household per day is 40, meaning that each magnet makes approximately 14,600 impressions per year. - Wikipedia
Magnets are everywhere!  I have about 50 on my refrigerator holding up pictures, schedules, and other tidbits from our life. We had to expand to the freezer in the garage because we have so many! Some of the magnets are from places we have visited, advertisements for products, or from local businesses and organizations. I even have some that I collected from cereal boxes back in the 70's! Magnets are a great way for businesses to keep their product visible at all times.  When it's time to order pizza, we always refer to the local pizza shop magnet for the number!

When asked me to review their product I was excited because, as you can see, I LOVE refrigerator magnets!

In business since 1997, footsteps from the Statue of Liberty and New York City, 2nd generation family owned and operated is a leading producer of custom promotional refrigerator magnets. From the quality of each and every one of our marketing magnets to our consultative customer service to our lowest price guarantee, we do things a bit differently around
Here are some samples of's products.
Look at all of the different shapes and sizes!
There are many more to choose from. has very reasonable pricing structures based on the size and quantity of magnets you are ordering. They also have promotions available on their websiteFacebook and via Twitter is not just for businesses and advertising.  They offer unique items like "Save the Date" wedding magnets. Sports teams, and organizations will also find what they are looking for. As a teacher, I am always rummaging around looking for magnets so I can post something on the magnetic whiteboard. offers a wide range of school-themed magnets. 

The possibilities are endless!

These high quality magnets won't fall off your fridge and will securely hold paper, photos, or whatever special tidbits you want to display.  

Check them out today!

*All opinions are my own.  No compensation was received for this post.
** I received one or more of the products mentioned above in return for my product review.